Grant Contracting - No contractor license

Las Vegas, Nevada 1 comment

Grant Contracting operates without a license.Tony Moreno is a Theif and a ***-Artist.He pays people under the table cash.

Rueben Moreno is trying to cover-up for his dad and mother.

Tony Moreno and Doug Mangie sole equipment and used it on my job, but the police found out about it and arrested them.They also dumped toxic material illegally and tried to use fake company's so they would not get caught by authorities but the status is pending.

Do not trust these *** artist you will get screwed.They also have worked under Prime Contracting, Grant just a few of their many schemes!!!

Review about: Absent License.


Rowville, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #288957

Arrest Records / Douglas J Mangie Share

Las Vegas Arrest Record for Douglas J Mangie

Inmate Name:Mangie, Douglas J

Inmate #:1195741

Last Arrest Date:10/04/2010






Inmate Location & Arrest Information

Charges Resulting from Arrest on 10/04/2010

Detention Facility: CCDC

1.Grand LarcenyCounts: 4Bond: $12,000.00

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